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Fire Starters

Fire Starters Small cubes of pure paraffin wax, our premium Fire Starters deliver the cleanest, hottest and most odorless eco-friendly burn without any flare-ups or chemical taste. SKU: KJ-FS Category: Starters Related Accessories


Smoking Woods

Smoking Woods From assertive to subtle, our chunks and chips come in a variety of wood types, each imparting its own distinct flavor: apple, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and pecan. SKU:  KJ-WCHUNKSP KJ-WCHUNKSO KJ-WCHUNKSC KJ-WCHUNKSM KJ-WCHUNKSH KJ-WCHUNKSA KJ-WCHIPSP KJ-WCHIPSO KJ-WCHIPSC KJ-WCHIPSM KJ-WCHIPSH KJ-WCHIPSA Category: Starters Related Accessories



Lump Charcoal Commissioned exclusively for Kamado Joe from Argentina, this clean-burning 100 percent genuine hardwood charcoal burns hotter and longer than any other option on the market. Unlike briquettes or meager lumps made from scrap wood or sawdust, we insisted on natural large lumps to infuse meats with a natural, clean smokiness and robust wood-fired … Continue reading Charcoal